Intelligent Transportation Systems (1 XI 2014- 30 VI 2015)
Role in the project: subcontractor

The project have been developed in collaboration with one of the biggest mining and transportation companies in Poland. It's scope involved development of software platform for online scheduling of cargo transport and mass transit system. My responsibility was to develop and implement optimization strategy for vehicles routes. To address this NP-hard problem with many constraints (e.g. time of pickup and delivery, driving time regulations), we used hybrid approach, which combines metaheuristical search and accurate optimization of small subproblems.


Remote monitoring of patients health parameters (1 XI 2011 - 1 I 2013)
Role in the project: subcontractor

Scope of the project involved development of the software platform for remote monitoring and processing of human health parameters.My responsibility was to develop and implement pattern recognition methods, which detected certain events in data collected online from wearable sensors.Our platform was successfully presented at CeBIT - the world largest IT exposition.




Deep convolutional neural network
for an automated signal selection in protein NMR spectra


Chemical shift-based identification
of oligosaccharide topology

Image analysis for confocal microscopy in the context of 3D liver tissue architecture studies

Commercial projects

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Our manuscript "Chemical shift-based identification of monosaccharide spin-systems with NMR spectroscopy to complement untargeted glycomics" has been accepted in Bioinformatics. 

Open access article is available here. The algorithm proposed in the paper is accessible by the web page



Our manuscript "Towards fully automated protein structure elucidation with NMR spectroscopy" has been accepted at BOOM workshop (ICML 2018).




Our manuscript "NMRNet: A deep learning approach to automated peak picking of protein NMR spectra" has been accepted in Bioinformatics.



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