Computer Control Systems (2018/2019)



Course information

Office hours: Friday, 09:00-13:00, 121 C6 (after e-mail notification) 

Credit rules: [link]

Additional materials:

  • Recommended literature is specified in instructions to assignments 1-7
  • InTouch documentation [link]
  • InTouch DEMO version [link]
  • Introduction to Matlab by David F. Griffiths [link]
  • Writing clean and fast code in Matlab by Nico Schömer[link

This semester I teach the following groups:

  • Thursday, 17:05-18:45, 248 A1
  • Thursday, 18:55-20:35248 A1
  • Friday, 13:15-15:00, 129 C6


Results: [link]


Course schedule



Class I, II: Introduction to Wonderware Intouch

Class schedule: 

  • Safety rules
  • Course credit rules
  • Organizational issues
  • Introduction to Wonderware Intouch
  • Individual work on assignment 1 [link]


Class III: Variables, animation links, scripts 

Class schedule: 

  • Introduction to variables, animation links and scripts
  • Evaluation of assignment 1
  • Individual work on assignment 2 [link]


Class IV, V, VI: Student's projects

Class schedule: 

  • Discussion about Student's projects
  • Evaluation of assignment 2
  • Individual work on the project [link]


Class VII: InTouch test

Class schedule: 

  • Short InTouch exercise solved individually
    by students and presented within 2H



Class VIII, IX: Introduction to Matlab

Class schedule: 

  • Introduction to Matlab
  • Evaluation of Student's projects (assignment 3)
  • Individual work on assignment 4 [link]
  • State space representation and other useful materials for the assignment [link]


Class X: PID controller
Class schedule:

  • Short test (10 min.)
  • Introduction to PID controller
  • Evaluation of assignment 4
  • Individual work on assignment 5 [link]


Class XI: two and three position controllers

Class schedule:

  • Short test (10 min.)
  • Introduction to two and three position controllers
  • Evaluation of assignment 5
  • Individual work on assignment 6 [link]


Class XII: transmission rate control in computer network

Class schedule: 

  • Shirt test (10 min.)
  • Introduction to AQM
  • Evaluation of assignment 6
  • Individual work on assignment 7 [link]


Class XIII: the final test

Class schedule: 

  • Evaluation of assignment 7
  • The final test [link]


Class XIV: the test retakes

Class schedule: 





Deep convolutional neural network
for an automated signal selection in protein NMR spectra


Chemical shift-based identification
of oligosaccharide topology

Image analysis for confocal microscopy in the context of 3D liver tissue architecture studies

Commercial projects

X 2014 - ...

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II 2016 - VI 2018

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VII 2013 - VII 2014

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Our manuscript "Chemical shift-based identification of monosaccharide spin-systems with NMR spectroscopy to complement untargeted glycomics" has been accepted in Bioinformatics. 

Open access article is available here. The algorithm proposed in the paper is accessible by the web page



Our manuscript "Towards fully automated protein structure elucidation with NMR spectroscopy" has been accepted at BOOM workshop (ICML 2018).




Our manuscript "NMRNet: A deep learning approach to automated peak picking of protein NMR spectra" has been accepted in Bioinformatics.



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